Sundara Inn & Spa

Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. Bullock,

On behalf of ownership and the management group at Sundara Inn and Spa, we would like to
express what an utmost pleasure it was to work with Holtz Builders, Inc on the recent addition
of the 8 new Sundara Woodland Reflection units. As you can imagine, when one’s nature of
business is to provide a soothing and peaceful atmosphere, the thought of construction can
cause some angst among employees and guests alike. With the need to have as little impact on the guest experience as possible, Holtz Builders certainly rose to this challenge and exceeded our expectations.

From the start of this project Holtz provided transparency and honesty in the process. We were provided with specific timelines of expected impacts and possible interruptions with constant flexibility and communication from Zach and crew. The Holtz team was kind and committed toseeing this project through from start to finish while keeping in mind our expectations during the construction process and that of our guests that would soon occupy the units. Through the duration of this project, Sundara was able to maintain above average guest satisfaction scores
and occupancy of the Inn

These accommodations were imagined to provide our guests a luxury spa-like experience andconnection to nature to soothe the mind, body and soul; to rest, recharge and reconnect.
Sundara is delighted to report that the Reflection units have done just that as reaffirmed by
multitudes of positive and uplifting guest feedback.

“Looking out from our lofty perch I saw six does calmly walking through the woods. Just the
sight of them had an immediate calming effect. We were going through a bit of a scratchy
moment which is to be expected in any marriage. But the experience was not unlike being on
our honeymoon and it restored us back to normal.”


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