Sundara Spa

Case Study

Project Scope

Sundara Inn & Spa is a world-class destination devoted to wellness and relaxation. Wellness is Sundara’s mission in everything they do. Opened in 2003, Sundara has been extremely successful, receiving numerous awards. Ready to begin a new chapter, we helped bring to life a huge expansion and renovation to their existing space.

Type of Construction: Renovation and Addition

Length of Project: 14 months for Addition and 7 Months for Renovation — the expansion was completed by May of 2018 while the renovation finished up in November of 2018.

Size of Addition: 32,000 SF, 2 Stories

Project Details

The expansion added to Sundara’s already exceptional amenities and services with new treatment and relaxation rooms, a full-service restaurant, a salt therapy room, a demonstration space with a kitchen, and a manicure/pedicure salon. A Cambrian oasis with a pool and swim-up bar allow guests to retreat to a secluded, tranquil environment surrounded by replicated Cambrian sandstone formation and subdued lighting. Outside, hidden in the quiet forest of Wisconsin Dells, guests can relax on a patio with fire pits and an outdoor pool. Sundara remained in operation throughout construction, requiring the addition to be completed before the renovation could begin.

The renovation enhanced Sundara’s already exceptional amenities and services by updating the existing treatment and relaxation rooms, updated restrooms and locker rooms, and remodel the existing bathrooms in the suites. There was no room for schedule delays. Everything was completed on time, with limited work hours often required to maintain the relaxing and tranquil environment for each guest.

The Challenges

With an already strict deadline, there were many plan revisions to the renovation. A few of the revisions required completed work to be altered. Each revision added to the scope of work and the time needed to complete the project. Holtz Builders’ ability to prepare for each revision ahead of time to prevent rework, minimized the impact on the schedule.

As Sundara grew and expanded, a variety of designers were involved in different areas of the expansion and additions. This created a unique challenge in making sure the design of the remodel was compatible with the other areas including the recently completed addition. Some of these challenges were overcome through the addition of a spa coordinator who oversaw changes to electrical, casework, and other finishes.

Fun Fact: The Salt Treatment Room brought many challenges. A halo therapy generator was incompatibile with the scoped HVAC designs as it releases microscopic salt particles into the air which caused changes to electrical, casework, and other finishes. HVAC also required changes to fit the different environments in different areas of the spa. The pool and salt room both have very different atmospheres than other parts of the building, and so the HVAC needed to be modified again to enhance those unique experiences. The creativity and resourcefulness from several designers and coordinators proved to be successful even with its many unique and intricate details.

Our Solution

The outstanding architectural details and finishes required exceptional skill and workmanship from many on the project. There was detailed tile and wood work. Curved surfaces in the ceiling, woodwork, and walls challenged multiple subcontractors but enhanced the beauty of the renovation.

We knew going into this project that cleanliness on the site and at construction entrances would need to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds in order to help minimize the visual impact on guests. A close partnership with the owner was essential to ensure the success of the project in the limited time frame while minimizing the impact on the guests. Sundara even reported a surprising increase in guests during construction.

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Sundara Spa in Wisconsin Dells project by Holtz Builders