Recommendation Letter

It is our honor to recommend Holtz Builders, Inc. for consideration of your Excellence In Construction Awards. As you may know, Dollywood Parks & Resorts is the most visited attraction in Tennessee, and the largest employer in Sevier County. As such, our employees are our most important assets. Caring for them well is one of our greatest priorities.

As our company continues to grow, the staffing issues throughout the country have been amplified in our area. ‘Over 50% of the county’s workforce comes from surrounding counties, and there simply is not enough housing to accommodate the 10,000 available jobs in our region.

However, the solution Holtz Builders has provided to Dollywood this season has allowed our staffing strategy to bring over 700 incremental employees to our company and surrounding businesses. The residence facility is focused on seasonal employees and includes students in cultural exchange programs, college internships, international workers, and student ministries who use job summer jobs to support their efforts. As a result, the peak summer season at Dollywood Parks & Resorts was fully staffed even in this time of continued employment shortages.

The teamwork Dallywood had with Hokz Builders was a model far all partnerships, as we were each prioritizing shared goals for a common benefit of the community and the employees, rather than our own interests. By working together, along with the county and city of Pigeon Forge, through various hurdles and complications, we were able to complete the project in an amazingly short timeframe.

Since the residents have moved in, we’re receiving numerous requests from our seasonal hosts to bring them back to work for the next summer season. The quality of the housing and its conveniences are a dynamic factor in those requests. In fact, we’re in the process deepening our partnership with Holtz to add more housing and expanding the styles to include broader demographics of employees.

Thanks to Holtz Builders, Inc., our employees have a comfortable, convenient, and safe place to stay. Dollywood has happy, content, and engaged employees. But most importantly, our community has improved with the addition of a good business pertner who has given back to the greater good.


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