Kelly Stacionis - Safety Manager at Holtz Builders

Kelly Stacionis
Safety Manager

Kelly’s journey in construction marks her fourth career path, and it’s one she’s embraced wholeheartedly. It all began during a short-term temp job with a waterproofing/coatings subcontractor, just as the silica rule was looming. Drawing from her background in controlling chemical exposures in a petrochemical lab and her teaching experience, Kelly found herself tackling the challenge head-on. This initial foray into construction safety was nothing short of fantastic, affording her the opportunity to contribute to some of Madison, WI’s largest projects between 2017 and 2021.

In June of 2021, Kelly made the leap to Holtz Builders, transitioning from subcontractor collaboration to overseeing safety across a broader spectrum of scopes. Every day brings new lessons, particularly as Holtz’s projects scale in size and complexity. What truly ignites Kelly’s passion for the future is HBI’s commitment to supporting long-term employee health. She sees construction workers as the athletes of the working world and is eager to ensure their safety and well-being. Moreover, Kelly is enthusiastic about welcoming, educating, and positively influencing the growing Latino workforce on job sites, ensuring they too experience a safe and fulfilling work environment.

Kelly likes to joke with all the workers on site, but when she tells them they are the reason she shows up every day, she is being completely serious. Her best days are when HBI’s workers and work partners are feeling good on the job and at home each night.