Tom Lucke Headshot

Tom Lucke
Owner of Wilderness Resorts and Sundara Spa

To Whom This May Concern,                                                                                         

I have had the pleasure of working with Holtz Builders Inc. for the past eight years on a myriad of Wilderness Resorts-related projects spanning across three states. From Wisconsin to Tennessee to Florida, they have consistently demonstrated their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to quality construction.

Throughout our partnership, Holtz Builders Inc. has successfully completed 11 diverse projects for my business, some to note, the Sundara Spa renovation and addition, the Wilderness Lobby renovation, the Take Flight theater addition, the Sundara Woodland Reflections addition, the Wild West Waterpark renovation, the Wilderness at the Smokies waterpark addition, among others. Remarkably, 10/11 of these buildings have won awards with two winning national awards.

Holtz Builders’ commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of their work. Despite encountering various challenges and changes over the years, they have consistently delivered outstanding results. Another quality that sets Holtz Builders apart is their proactive approach to cost-effective management. They continuously seek innovative solutions to cut back costs without compromising on quality, ensuring that each project is completed within budget constraints. Furthermore, I deeply appreciate their flexibility and professionalism in accommodating our business operations during construction. Holtz Builders understands the importance of minimizing disruptions, and they go above and beyond to keep our business running smoothly while work is underway.

Notably, Holtz Builders has demonstrated their willingness to go the extra mile by expanding their services to new states to ensure that our properties are meticulously built. Their willingness to go where we need them, and not only send one superintendent but a whole team of employees, exemplifies their dedication to client satisfaction.

In addition to Holtz Builders work on the Wilderness’s commercial projects, they have also completed three personal renovations for me, including my lake home, my hunting cabin, and my Florida home that was devastated by Hurricane Ian. Their expertise, reliability, and attention to detail were instrumental in renewing these properties, and I am forever grateful for their exceptional work.

Overall, I have full confidence in the Holtz Builders team and their ability to deliver exceptional results. As the Wilderness Resorts look towards future projects, I have no hesitation in entrusting them with our construction needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Holtz Builders Inc. to anyone seeking a reliable, skilled, and trustworthy partner for their construction endeavors.



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